Efficacy of a transtheoretical model intervention to improve college students' physical activity engagement: a pilot randomized controlled trial

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Physical activity engagement, Transtheoretical model, Health-related quality of life, Randomized controlled trial




Recent reports have indicated the severity of physical inactivity. Few previous interventions have adopted randomized controlled trials (RCT) for the promotion of college students’ physical activity (PA) in Hong Kong. The aim of this pilot study is to test the efficacy of a Transtheoretical Model (TTM)-based intervention to enhance college students’ PA behaviour. Twenty-five healthy, sedentary student volunteers (16 male and 9 females) were recruited and randomly allocated to the TTM-based experimental group (n=12) or the control group (n=13). The treatment intervention group underwent fitness training and TTM-based counselling, while the control group received fitness training only. The fitness training for both groups lasted for 4 weekly sessions at a campus fitness facility. All participants wore a pedometer. Daily pedometer counts were recorded into the PA log as a direct-measured PA engagement. Direct-measured fitness outcomes and self-reported health outcome measurements were assessed before and after the 4-week intervention. Data were analysed to distinguish the intervention group from the control group. The initial results of this pilot study could be said to support the TTM-based behaviour intervention for PA promotion in Hong Kong college settings. Randomization was found to be successful and the instrumentation was effective with certain limitations. Due to the small and varied group size, the effectiveness of the intervention seemed inconclusive and too negligible to declare. Finally, based on discussion of the results and findings, recommendations have been drawn to inform the upcoming study at community level and future PA intervention practices.

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The International Journal of Health, Wellness, Society

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