Submissions from 2015

Efficacy of a transtheoretical model intervention to improve college students' physical activity engagement: a pilot randomized controlled trial, Fan Sang, Vincent Cheung; Emmy M.Y. Wong; Po Tin Low; and Lawrence T.M. Lam

Submissions from 2013

The effects of parental psychological control and autonomy support in Hong Kong: the mediating role of performance-based self-worth, N.L. Lam; Fei Yin Ng; Chin Pang, Charles Wong; and Yui Lei Cheng

The effect of perceived campus learning environment on students' self-determined motivation in vocational studies, Po Ling, Bowling Lee

Submissions from 2012

Chinese academic achievement motivation: pre-examination motivation and achievement in three core subjects, Chin Pang, Charles Wong

Submissions from 2010

與賭博拔河, 侯雪媚 and Ka Ho Hui (許嘉豪)

想你唔賭: 助人自助戒賭輔導, 鄧耀祖, 陳佩思, 陳志華, and Ka Ho Hui (許嘉豪)

Submissions from 2009

體驗與體育教育在青年人踏上健康生活可佔的戲份, Fan Sang, Vincent Cheung (張凡生) and Po Tin Low (劉寶田)

Submissions from 2008

體驗教育在新體育課程中可佔的戲份:香港後現代的體育課堂, Fan Sang, Vincent Cheung (張凡生) and Po Tin Low (劉寶田)

Submissions from 2007

减肥成疾, Kit Yee, Hidi Ho (何潔宜)

Submissions from 2006

瘦身成疾, Kit Yee, Hidi Ho (何潔宜)