A progress report on HongKong bank/ILE language development fund research and development project 5: minimum English language requirements and English courses for colleges of education student teachers

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The report of the Education Department's Working Group set up to review language improvement measures (1989) highlighted the need for student teachers at Colleges of Education to improve their language skills. It stated that the language proficiency of college entrants "is not always as high as it ought to be" (1989:61) and considered it important to ensure that entrants have an opportunity to improve their English before starting out on their course. In addition, it was felt that language skills courses in English within the Colleges should be given a higher profile. The report also recommended that all teachers intending to teach English or to use it as the medium of instruction should be required to meet certain minimum levels of language proficiency before certification...

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語文教育學院學報Institute of Language in Education journal

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