Submissions from 2018


Event-based Learning: A Case Study on Language Support for WorldSkills Competitors, Wai Mui, Dilys Sung and Yuk Lun, John Ng


Integrating Corporate Social Media Communication into the English Language Curricula, Wai Mui, Dilys Sung; Yuk Lun, John Ng; and Lai Kun, Annie Choi

Submissions from 2017


A case study of the potentials of SGC-based curricula, Wai Mui, Dilys Sung and Yuk Lun, John Ng

Submissions from 2013

Authenticity in ELT task design: a case study of project-based vocational English learning, Lai Kun, Annie Choi

Motivational factors in learning English of Hong Kong vocational students, Siu May, Yvonne Yeung

Submissions from 2012

An exploratory study on Mandarin listening test, Yudan, Michael Liu

Compiling listening test paper of foreign Chinese: discussion on how to assessing practical competency, Yudan, Michael Liu

Submissions from 2011

An study on concepts and development of Mandarin listening competency, Yudan, Michael Liu

Motivational factors of Hong Kong vocational students in learning English language, Siu May, Yvonne Yeung

Submissions from 2010

看Youtube學英文: 字幕翻譯與非正式語言學習 TESOL after YouTube: fansubbing and informal language learning, Phil Benson and Lok Man Nikita Chan (陳樂敏)

不僅是人稱指示: 對北京人與非北京本地人使用「丫」的分析 More than person deixis: uses of ya(丫) among native and non-native Beijingers, Zheng, Sonia Song (宋崢)

Motivation for English language learning of Hong Kong vocational students, Siu May, Yvonne Yeung

Submissions from 2009

An exploratory study on the rhetoric of Chinese, Yudan, Michael Liu

Submissions from 2008

將維基(wikis)融合於英語寫作教學 Incorporating wikis into the teaching of English writing, David Coniam and Wai Kit Mark Lee (李偉傑)

Submissions from 2007

初中校本課程統整: 個案經驗的反思 Junior secondary school-based curriculum integration: reflections on case study experiences, Chi Kin John Lee (李子建), 林寶英, F. M. So (蘇芳美), 陳秀賢, and Lina Lisa Zhang (張麗娜)

Submissions from 2006

科学发展观的教育意蕴, Lina Zhang (張麗娜)

Submissions from 2005

A phonics and pronunciation programme for vocational students in Hong Kong, Chor Wang, Alice Cheung

参与教学与学生的参与, Lina Zhang (張麗娜)

教育投资体制改革, Lina Zhang (張麗娜)

民办教育的问题与对策, Lina Zhang (張麗娜)

Submissions from 2004

Boosting vocational students' confidence in making oral presentations, Chor Wang, Alice Cheung

Language proficiency assessment for teachers: practice drills, Wai Ching, Crystal Lee and S. Yeung

从地名探索香港地区先民的族属来源, Siu Wah Gladys Wong (黃小華) and Benjamin K. Tsou (鄒嘉彥)

Submissions from 2003

On-line rehearsal for discussions, Chor Wang, Alice Cheung

Submissions from 2002

A summer programme for new immigrant children: Can I learn English?, Chor Wang, Alice Cheung

Discriminatory news discourse: some Hong Kong data, John Flowerdew, David C.S. Li, and Yi Seam Sarah Tran

On Hong Kong's language policy, Xiao Yan Qiu and B.N. Fu

Integrating the strengths of web-based and traditional models of teaching, Yi Seam, Sarah Tran

Submissions from 2001

The perception of the English interdental fricatives in English words by Cantonese ESL learners, Sze Man, Melissa Lau and C. Wong

Submissions from 1998

Needs analysis and business Putonghua course designing, Xiao Yan Qiu

Submissions from 1997

The censorship and approval process for media products in China, Sau Fong, Anna Lee

Debt financings: Renminbi loans, Sau Fong, Anna Lee and M.L. Riley

Submissions from 1996

Developments in the audio-visual mart in the PRC, Sau Fong, Anna Lee

Learner training, Chau Ping, Mabel Wong

Submissions from 1995

The effects of story schemata on narrative recall, Chau Ping, Mabel Wong

Submissions from 1994

Testing English for teaching purposes, Wai Ming Chan; Neil Drave; Chau Ping, Mabel Wong; and Dorothy K. Yiu

Collocational problems amongst ESL learners: a corpus-based study, Amy Man Lai Chi; Chau Ping, Mabel Wong; and Kitty Pui Yiu Wong

Submissions from 1993

Designing materials for an English for teaching purpose course, W.M. Chan; N. Drave; and Chau Ping, Mabel Wong

Submissions from 1992

A comparison of internal conjunctive cohesion in the English essay writing of Cantonese speakers and native speakers of English, Yvette Field and Mee Oi Rachel Lee

Submissions from 1991

A progress report on HongKong bank/ILE language development fund research and development project 5: minimum English language requirements and English courses for colleges of education student teachers, Wai Ming Chan, Neil Drave, and Chau Ping Mabel Wong

Typological transfer: a factor in the learner language of Hong Kong students?, Wai Mui Dilys Sung

Submissions from 1990

A lesson in integration, Wai Mui, Dilys Sung