A model of pedagogy in an IT environment

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Sociocultural perspective, Peer collaboration, Teacher guidance, Statistics classroom


Many people are under the illusion that the use of Information Technology facilitates student learning without exploring the mechanism of human learning. In fact, IT offers capabilities beyond educational delivery of teaching and learning materials. Within a social context, IT can organise an environment that engages students in active, constructive, intentional, authentic and collaborative learning (Scrimshaw, 1993). In the statistics profession, IT has changed the underlying strategy of data analysis (Young & Lubinsky, 1995) relating to statistical thinking and statistical graphing skills. Because of this, statistics education should keep pace with the development of IT to strengthen students’ capacity to understand statistical processes and conduct statistical investigations. It is therefore necessary to propose a model of pedagogy in an IT environment aiming at quality teachingand learning of statistics to address the significance of teacher guidance and peer collaboration. This paper elucidates how the model can facilitate statistics learning.

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The 17th International Conference on Computers in Education, 2009 Nov 30 - Dec 4, Hong Kong

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