Workers' education in Hong Kong: educational duties of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions: past, present and future

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The author argues that workers' trade unions have an important role to play in promoting Lifelong Learning for working people. The book demonstrates that trade unions in Hong Kong once did play a strong role in workers' education and that role became less important as time passed. Under the very special circumstances of Hong Kong since 1997, the function and political position of trade unions has also been altered - They are now in a position to develop their work in workers' education once again. But it cannot be as it was in the past. This book concludes that trade unions should assist the workers to develop and embrace a Lifelong Learning attitude, not by simply providing educational programmes, but by exercising its political power to influence the curriculum of the primary and secondary schools in the territory, and to provide guidelines and advice for educational and vocational advancement for the workers while they are young. The book should be useful for professionals in workers' education, union movement, or anyone who are interested in policy of vocational education.



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