The energy profile study of electric kitchen utensils for residential smart kitchen

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To be more cost effective and environmental friendly, electric cooking is a new trend in both commercial and residential use. Utility states that electric cooking can reduce 20% to 50% energy cost in all kinds of restaurants. However, widely adoption of electric cooking would make a heavy load on energy supply. Also, some buildings with old energy system standard may not be able to support the large energy demand caused by electric cooking. The understanding of energy usage pattern of electric cooking is important to tackle with this potential problem. An energy profile of electric kitchen utensils is essential to minimize the energy demand. This paper gives the overview of the recent market growth in electric cooking and also introduces the potential wireless sensor network technology for energy auditing in smart kitchen. Even more important, this paper analyzes the energy usage of electric kitchen utensils such as stove, microwave oven, refrigerator and freezer. An experiment would be set up by using the existing energy auditing system. The energy consumption pattern of each kitchen utensil is collected with current transformer which will be displayed as instant consumption reading. By using the collected consumption data, energy profile of each electric kitchen utensil can be generated. Having the energy profile of each electric kitchen utensil is critical to the real time energy demand forecast and so helps the utilities conduct the energy demand response effectively.

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The 9th IET International Conference onAdvances in Power System Control, Operation and Management, 2012 Nov 18-21, Hong Kong



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