Using senario-based learning for e-learning in vocational education

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A multimedia web-based scenario-learning package is prepared for the students of an engineering course. This learning package is to simulate a scenario, which is close to the students’ learning or future working environment. Using up-to-date information and multimedia technology, it can simulate issues and conditions similar to those encountered in the real world. Students can virtually experience how the actual working environment should be. They can also take this opportunity to study how different equipment are interconnected together and signals flowing between different units. Student can use this virtual environment to understand deeper about the operation and the theory behind. Further explanation will be displayed in hierarchical way to suit different background of students. This online scenario-based learning package is to let all students have chance to virtually immerse in a scenario to enhance their learning and knowledge. Preliminary study shows that this scenario-based learning is well accepted by students and is worth for further study.

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Cases on Global E-Learning Practices: Successes and Pitfalls



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