Design.Lives Labs: introducing solution-focused methodology to design and civic education

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This paper reports the latest development of the collaboration between design researchers and a sociologist on the practice of designing participation. This focus of the paper is to pinpoint the reason why we employ the solutions-focused approach and to elucidate the basic tenets of this approach. Based on two recent Design.Lives labs organised for a design school and a civic education organisation respectively in Hong Kong, we reflected on the nature of design practice in the light of the methodology combining solution-focused approach and non-verbal means for reflective communication. This choice is related to our understanding of the nature of experience research in social context, where wicked problems dominate and abductive logic is needed. In our view, design process implemented in the form of solution-focused ways of knowing is a valuable kind of experience for general learners.

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DesignED Asia 2011, Nov 29-30, Hong Kong

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