Learning on the move: the value of student cultural study trips

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Cultural study trips, Field trips, Experiential learning, Cross-cultural engagement, Pedagogy of experience, Nurturing self-awareness, International collaborations, Social and cultural awareness, Personal transformation, Hands-on experiences, Immersive learning environment


In this paper we will state the case for student cultural study trips being an essential component of a student’s growth and in support of this we will talk about our experience of organizing our own trip to Japan, highlighting the positive lessons we as teachers also learned from the experience. Our hosts in Japan also commented on how our students reacted positively to this immersive learning environment and how this resulted in the individual nature of their subsequent project work. Besides the obvious educational benefits of student cultural trips, important though they are, there are other benefits to be had too. When we are taken out of our regular, familiar surroundings we are able to see ourselves with fresh eyes. In our modern, hectic daily life this is an extremely valuable opportunity, an opportunity to rediscover our true selves. The benefits of the trips are many and include the building of self-confidence within the students, a growing awareness of other cultures, a widening of the students’ orizons leading to further travel for leisure or work and a broadening of mutual understanding between nations.

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The 4th Asian Conference on Media and Mass Communication 2013, Osaka, Japan.

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