RE-TRANS-formation of Chinese typography

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Teaching and learning methodologies, Experimental typography, Module frameworks


This paper aims to present our approaches of teaching Chinese typography in Hong Kong Design Institute that blend Chinese culture into modern context. The unique historic and cultural background of Hong Kong favored the flourish of Western culture and values that in some way weaken our links with Chinese culture. Our language, as a basic reflection of cultural heritage in daily utilization, is seen as a perfect platform to embed Chinese culture and tradition for our young generation.

Our objective is to conduct continuous academic research in theoretical and methodological aspects on how to bring Chinese heritage and intellects to modern design education. Practice-based research projects fused with theory and medium of all kinds, we established new aesthetic perspective and approaches that manifests the fusion of cultural and functional qualities for contemporary Chinese typography design. Eventually, increase the awareness to cultural sustainability.

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Association Typographique Internationale, ATypI Hong Kong 2012

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