SIGNED: The Magazine of The Hong Kong Design Institute

SIGNED: The Magazine of The Hong Kong Design Institute


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Traditional Chinese culture is profoundly influential. As the society attaches more and more importance to cultural identity, projects themed with cultural revival are emerging. Yet, people have almost always only focused on formal art categories. Traditional craftsmanship that does not belong to the mainstream rarely receives much attention. Things have changed because of the increasing prominence of the creative economy in recent years, the renewal of the market and population structure, and the rise of social consciousness. Traditional folk crafts are now hot items in the cultural and creative industry, thanks to their unique cultural character, the distinguished technical skills applied and their relevance to everyday life. "Chinese is Cool" is a new theme advocated by cultural entrepreneur Adrian Cheng – the founder of K11 Craft & Guild Foundation (KCG). Under this theme, KCG has redefined its work to conserve and rejuvenate traditional Chinese craftsmanship with a more relevant zeitgeist. Guangcai is a project sponsored by KCG. Through various novel creative, operation and promotion channels, a strong case for bringing traditional Chinese crafts to the world and into the future is established.

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