SIGNED: The Magazine of The Hong Kong Design Institute

SIGNED: The Magazine of The Hong Kong Design Institute


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Perceptual Thinkers draws inspiration from the behaviour and clothing preferences of people living with autism. Its clothing lines aim to give an insight into this specialist perception by using stimulating fabrics and playful design patterns to experience clothing as a sensorial phenomenon.

It believes that the clothes are a means of communication - that the way we dress is the way we interact with other people. And that clothes are capable of serving many different needs, either completely ordinary or special ones.

Because they follow the ethos of design for all, these clothes are as suitable for neurotypical people as for those who are affected by autism. They are not medical aids nor are they fully conceptual clothes - they aim for something in between. Their goal is to spread the notion of "conscious shopping", so as much background information as possible is provided about the products.

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