SIGNED: The Magazine of The Hong Kong Design Institute

SIGNED: The Magazine of The Hong Kong Design Institute


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Elaine Ann is the Founder and Director of Kaizor Innovation, a strategic innovation consultancy that helps companies strategise, research and define innovative products and services for the China market. Born and raised in Hong Kong and having lived in the US for 12 years, her bilingual, bi-cultural and international background helps companies understand and strategise initiatives for the China market.

She is a veteran of the early dot-com era in the mid ’90s, having worked for companies including Razorfish, Philips Design and Henry Dreyfuss. Ms. Ann also trains executives and students alike, being the UX Instructor at Google’s Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Programme of the Chinese University in Hong Kong. In 2014 alone, she trained some 400 entrepreneurs in user experience and design innovation.

Ann is currently the Honorary Project Director for the Centre of Entrepreneurship of the Chinese University and belongs to the Cyberport Expert Network mentoring tech start-ups in user/customer-centric innovation and user experience.

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