SIGNED: The Magazine of The Hong Kong Design Institute

SIGNED: The Magazine of The Hong Kong Design Institute


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Lochner|Carmichael are Jillian Lochner, who has worked as a commercial photographer for many years in fashion and on brand campaigns, and Andrew Carmichael, who arrived in commercial photography via a fine-art route. Lochner’s past clients include the likes of Absolut vodka, American Express, Levi’s and the New York Times Magazine; Carmichael has shown art at the ICA in London and in Vienna and Madrid. They started to work together creating still-life photography in 2014 and their collaborations have been featured in Italian Vogue, Sunday Telegraph Luxury, Amica and Creative Review.

Their work together is a genuine collaboration: each has their strengths and areas of expertise, but their joint creative output is very much the result of two minds; you could not say that one was the author and the other the support. Lochner brings great sensibility, a restrained palette and love of the flat image. Carmichael brings his making and sculptural background and a love of depth and perspective.

Prior to shooting, ideas are finessed, tested and critiqued. During the image-making process they are tested and critiqued further and then re-touched — all as a collaborative endeavour. Each has trust in the other, and as long as one is emotionally committed to an idea, they will work with each other until a successful outcome is achieved or will mutually agree to abandon it to mine another seam. They are a husband-and-wife team who know each other very well; they see their mutual support as a great strength.

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