Keynote speech: The Source of Hong Kong Technical Education from Public Repositories

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VTC Tower, 7th Floor, Yeung Kai-yin Memorial Lecture Theatre

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At the turn of the 20th century, after Dr. Sun Yat Sin had received western medical education in Hong Kong, the development of western technology in Hong Kong was advanced in a rapid rate. Electricity had been applied to lighting, lift and tram; wireless communication though not yet common had been applied to shipping and weather communication; Kowloon telephone had been connected successfully; Structural steel and steam engine were common in ocean going steamer, buildings and railways; Cars using petroleum were on the newly formed asphalt roads. New machineries and materials were used in infra-structures such as reclamation, reservoir, road and building as well on docks making ocean going steamers. To complete these works, Hong Kong needed not only engineers but every class of technicians and workers. Technical education was no doubt the means to this end. The speaker had spent his time in various publicly assessed repositories digging out relevant materials in order to find out the source of Hong Kong technical education. He will share his findings using the forgotten private-owned Li Shing Scientific and Industrial College and the Government Hong Kong Technical Institute.

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