Engaging students with clickers in language lessons

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To engage students, researchers have been integrating clickers in classroom delivery for study. Clickers, also known as 'personal response systems', 'student response systems (SRS), audience response systems (ARS), or personal response systems (PRS)', are a technology that allow students to respond to the teacher in real time and receive instant feedback from the teacher, thus enhancing learning and teaching. Featuring instance and interaction, the technology can cater to students' needs and learning styles as '[Net Generations] are used to interactive, participatory, investigative enquiry'. Some researchers have explored the functions and effectiveness of clickers for use as question aids in class, promotion of active learning and improvement in learning. This study aimed to investigate the effect of clickers as a pedagogical approach on student satisfaction...

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Practical Social and Industrial Research (PSIR) Symposium 2014, Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong

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