From “waste” to “valued”: water-proof and dust-proof paint = 由「廢」變「寶」:防水防塵油漆

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In marble slab factories, sawing process creates a tremendous amount of waste marble powder. The marble powder is composed of toxic chemicals, such as micron/submicron CaCO3 and CaSiO3 that could easily be inhaled by humans and cause severe lung diseases. Having undergone a chemical reaction, waste marble powder can transform into a special type of paint called Super-hydrophobic Paint with self-cleaning property. The paint is water and dust proof. These specially-designed paint products can be used in outdoor applications, on glass windows for example and other indoor surface materials. During a shower, the paint can cause raindrops to run off from the surfaces under the lotus effect, and at the same time, dirty particles can also be removed by the rain. Such applications can significantly reduce the demand for surface cleaning as well as the deterioration in appearance.