The VTC booth was located in the central part of the Science Park near the Charles K. Kao Auditorium where the majority of visitors passed by. The location was close to the Reception Counter of the InnoCarnival 2016 and the gathering points of guided tours too. The total area of the VTC booth was increased to 90 sqm as compared to 81 sqm in the InnoCarnival 2015.

The VTC InnoCarnival 2016 booth was rated the 1st runner up in the “My Favorite Booth Voting 2016” organised by the Innovation and Technology Commission.

The VTC booth was constructed to convey a resemblance to a residential apartment. The exhibition items were integrated harmoniously and naturally in the apartment to demonstrate how technology and innovation could be applied to a household environment for enhancing the quality of life. The VTC booth consisted of two distinct parts – the indoor booth and the outdoor booth. The indoor booth was composed of three different zones: the bedroom, the kitchen and the balcony, each with a unique design style. The outdoor booth showed a resemblance to a garage where robots and the solar energy vehicle SOPHIE V were placed.


Submissions from 2016

VTC’s Booth, VTC


3D food printing with edible ink = 3D「珍」材實料, Lai Ying, Vicki Fong and Ka Mun, Carmen Man

Green living x vertical farming = 樂活家居農場, Tak Yan Lau and Suen Tung, Ming Lai

Smart airer = 智能晾衫架, Mang Chi, Kelvin Kam; Wai Ping, Helen Wong; and Kwun Piu, Alexander Wong

Galaxy = 銀河體驗, Ming Yin, Marvin Cheung

Mobile robot = 機械人, Ka Wah, Joe Lo

Solar powered electric vehicle: SOPHIE V = 太陽能電動車: SOPHIE V, Man Hon, Billy Chow

Smart clothing = 智能衣服, Yee Kwan, Joanne Lau

i-Doctor: integration of traditional toys and multimedia technology = i-Doctor: 傳統玩具融入多媒體科技, Yip Hong, Sonny Choy

JOY: reconnecting humans with greenery = 連繫: 人與綠茵, Pui Yuk, Alex King

Ultrasound-assisted extraction in milk tea production = 超聲波沖調港式奶茶, Yi Ching, Anna Cheung

Brand-new healthy ice-cream = 新式健康雪糕, Siu Mei, Emily Choi

From “waste” to “valued”: water-proof and dust-proof paint = 由「廢」變「寶」:防水防塵油漆, Yuanhao Wang and Shifeng, Stephen Wang

The super-hydrophilic coating on glass for self-cleaning = 具有自清潔特性的超親水塗層玻璃, Yuanhao Wang and Shifeng, Stephen Wang

Smart robotic companion for the elderly 2.0 = 長者「智」友2.0, Kin Sang, Timothy Lee and Man Hing Chu