A new design education paradigm: an multi-disciplinary research approach

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With the emergence of the more design disciplines working in Social Innovation, Research and Social Entrepreneurship, there is a growing demand on the understanding of design in the education. Aside from traditional aesthetic values and experiences, design now emerges as a part of social process to generate more democratic, more human-oriented, more sustainable and more economical contributions to our world. The notion of design for tomorrow needs to generate a new design paradigm that can epitomize a two-way exchange process, embracing and enhancing the design knowledge to improve our human, social, cultural and environmental well-being. Contemporary design education can no longer be generated from a vacuum whereby design intellects operate in a singular linear trajectory. Rather, designers and design students collaborate with multiple disciplines and business partners. The multi-disciplinary nature in contemporary practice makes design one of the most dynamic and evolving fields of professions in today’s education.

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