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Gaseous Pollutants Emission from Diesel Vehicles in Hong Kong
Bei, Helen Wang; Yik Sze Lau; and Kin Fai Ho


S1-1 [46] Rapid Experimentation as a Co-Creation Tool for Gamified Augmented Reality in City Spaces - Case ARriver
Anttoni Lehto, Rauli Lautkankare, Christiane Ala-Nissilä", Joona Saari, and Juuso Salminen


Industry and Professional Perspectives: Value Chain Disruption and Other Game Changers (Industry/HR professional panel)
Lawrence Chan, Hugo Alexis Since, Matt Hawthorn, Denise Kee, Brian Rhoads, and Tony Tai


Education 4.0: Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Catalyst case-Study)
Will Ma, Blair Kuys, Tristance Kee, Barbara Howell, Bernd Steffensen, Robert Cox, and Uwe Schulz

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